“We only provide the best of trained staffing, equipments, chemicals to meet the demands and requirements.”


We take a pleasure in introducing to you, our company Oksimega Sdn Bhd, the professional cleaners and landscapers providing specialised services and maintenance.

Finding the right people and products to carry out a job has never been easy. Oksimega Sdn Bhd provides you and your establishment with a complete range of services to effectively restore, clean, beautify, maintain and protect your building and landscape area according to the top notch maintenance standards that is required or according to the needs of our customers.

We only provide the best of trained staffing, equipments, chemicals to meet the demands and requirements.

Oksimega products and services are without any doubt the best solutions for everyday needs. We supply our products and services based on our reliability, effectiveness and ultimate savings..

However foremost on OKSIMEGA’s mission is to succeed in our ultimate goal to create a sense of trust and reliability that we can be counted on always; to have the interest to root of all problems of customers and to find the solutions to give a sound protection and much needed maintenance program or in a simple terms effective maintenance needs. OKSIMEGA conducts the sales of our cleaning and landscape as a specialization trying always to meet the needs of every consumer in their cleaning, restoration and landscape works.

To be known as the preferred and chosen company in solving all cleaning problems and maintenance. A company that conducts its business with integrity, sensitivity to all our customers needs and demands in particular to providing quality products and service maintenance.


To ensure only the best, we provide highly trained staffing.



We use equipments, chemicals to meet the demands and requirements..



We offer commitment at all levels to make sure we provide the best, fast and effective service.